Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise the Name of the Lord - Day 19

Hello Everyone,

Well today is day 19 of the Chronological reading. Today we were reading Job - Wow! This is my 2nd year of doing the Chrono reading with Wendy and hundreds of others and I have to say that the 2nd time around on this I am seeing so much more detail, it's like I have never read it before. Isn't God great that way. So in someways everything seems new and different, (we are picking something we see differently, something new and something we can apply) but here's a recap.

Something New: Job 1:3 I hadn't noticed how many animals he had.
Job 1:7 and 2:2 Like God didn't know where Satan had been.

Something Different: Really the whole reading popped out in a different way to me.

Apply: Job 1:22 "In all of this Job did not sin by blaming God..."
Be like Job, don't blame God for my grief and troubles

Here's the link to Wendy's Blog.

We are using the NLT one year Chronological Bible. You can access it on line by going to www.oneyearbibleonline.com and clicking on the links.

Here's a link to today's reading.

Have a blessed day!

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