Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Listen to my teaching

I had an opportunity ... or should I say God had an opportunity to teach me and He did.

A co-worker called this morning and was rambling on and drawing out a request and putting all these words in there but not getting anywhere - and right when I wanted to wander in my mind God spoke and said "Didn't you say you like to be listened to? Doesn't it upset you when people don't let you finish your explanations?"
Let me back up: See just yesterday I had a situation with a customer service rep, that would not let me finish my story. I was trying to give them the scenario of what had happened and what had been done so far only to be cut off and huffed at. Then she got really frustrated with me because she did some work and found out she didn't need to because she only listened to half of the story. So she transferred me to another Sales Rep, that admitted the first was upset and that she said I had a really long story.
So I tried to be short and sweet only to have him jump in again and start doing things only to find out that he too didn't get the whole story and got a little (not at bad as the first) upset too. When I got off the phone I was really upset and wasn't sure of all the emotions I was having. Was I hurt, angry, feeling rejected, what? So this really bothered me and I prayed to God and asked what am I to do. If I drag out the explanation they get mad, if I don't tell enough they get confused and then mad, what am I to do?

That's what God was reminding me of. Then in this mornings chronological reading Wendy (click for today's teaching ) our host picked -

Matthew 13:12 "To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them."

Thanks Wendy for picking that scripture to teach on today. God didn't really say to much to me yesterday when I was asking why. But He showed me today. Do I think all of this was a coincidence? I don't think so God is just that good. It may have had an impact on all of us in different ways because God works with each of us where we are at, but I know God placed that there for a lesson for me.
Hope my revelations can be a blessing to someone else too! When the light bulb goes on and the bells and whistles of a revelation happens for us we want to share.

I heard God saying "Are you listening?" So I stopped and really focused on what my co-worker was saying, not how she was saying it. All of the sudden it was like a floodgate of understanding that had never been there between us opened up. We had a great conversation, we resolved the issue she was questioning, she took my advice and thanked me.
When I hung up I remembered something our Pastor had told us, if we want to speak into peoples lives and share the gospel with them we need to get to know them and earn their trust and respect. When I got off the phone I felt like that was a step to earning the right to speak into her life someday.

If you want friends be a friend to someone, if want people to listen - listen to people, and not just the easy ones. It's good to love the lovely - it's even better when you learn to love the unlovely.

Blessings everyone.