Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nuggets - Day 21

Something New: Job 9:13 And God does not restrain his anger. Even the monsters of the sea * are crushed beneath His feet.
In looking up the (*) Hebrew helpers of Rahab the name of a mythical sea monster that represents chaos in ancient literature. I hadn't notice that there before, and struck me as odd because of Rahab that is in Joshua 2.

Something Different: The book of Job. I really feel like I am seeing this in such a different way. It has so much to it and is so deep, that it's hard to pick what is old new or different.

Something to apply: Job 11:13 If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to Him in prayer.

Thanks Wendy for leading us! Here's the link to Wendy's Blog.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise the Name of the Lord - Day 19

Hello Everyone,

Well today is day 19 of the Chronological reading. Today we were reading Job - Wow! This is my 2nd year of doing the Chrono reading with Wendy and hundreds of others and I have to say that the 2nd time around on this I am seeing so much more detail, it's like I have never read it before. Isn't God great that way. So in someways everything seems new and different, (we are picking something we see differently, something new and something we can apply) but here's a recap.

Something New: Job 1:3 I hadn't noticed how many animals he had.
Job 1:7 and 2:2 Like God didn't know where Satan had been.

Something Different: Really the whole reading popped out in a different way to me.

Apply: Job 1:22 "In all of this Job did not sin by blaming God..."
Be like Job, don't blame God for my grief and troubles

Here's the link to Wendy's Blog.

We are using the NLT one year Chronological Bible. You can access it on line by going to and clicking on the links.

Here's a link to today's reading.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Lord was with Him - Day 14

Well today's chronological reading was full of rich stuff about Joseph. Here are my nuggets for the day.

Something New: Gen 37:3
3 Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other children because Joseph had been born to him in his old age. So one day Jacob had a special gift made for Joseph—a beautiful robe.
I didn't know about the robe.
Gen 37:23 So when Joseph arrived, his brothers ripped off the beautiful robe he was wearing.
Something that I pondered in this is it said Jacob loved him because had been born in his old age, but did it also have something to do with the fact that Joseph was Rachel's first born? His beloved Rachel. Also, whether it was seen at that time or not he has the blessing of the Lord.
Gen 39:2
The Lord was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did as he served in the home of his Egyptian master. Then again in Gen 39:21 But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the Lord made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden. and yet again in vs 23 The warden had no more worries, because Joseph took care of everything. The Lord was with him and caused everything he did to succeed.
Are you seeing the pattern here? Joseph had favor and I'm sure they all could sense that.

Something I saw in a different way:
Gen 37: 6-7 “Listen to this dream,” he said. 7 “We were out in the field, tying up bundles of grain. Suddenly my bundle stood up, and your bundles all gathered around and bowed low before mine!” I did not realize that he had two dreams. Not sure how I missed that before.

Something for me to do:
Use God's discernment when sharing His plans for my life. The Lord placed a vision - a dream in Joseph for his life. Joseph was open and honest with his brothers and his Father about what he saw. It is not always wise to share what God speaks into your heart. Not everyone is where you are at and can't receive it with gladness.
Matt 7:6 “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In His Word Day 13

Day 13 of reading Chronological Bible, if you would like to follow along click here to see Wendy's vlog and comments. Here were my comments for the day -

Wendy -That is so great what you saw in the prophecy. I agree, the first time thru the I too skimmed going ok ok ok. But today I tried to really see what was going on, I got more but still not what you did so thank you. Also I tell my daughters all the time, you can do (whatever) you are the daughter of the most high God. It was great to hear you say that too, brought a smile to my face.
Something New: Gen 36:12, Gen 36:22, 1 Chron 1:36 and 1 Chron 1:39 are specific about naming Timna as the mother of Amalek, Sister of Lotan and concubine of Elephaz - Hadn't seen this in the linage before.
Something different: In general I saw this linage differently by paying closer attention and seeing that these are leaders of the tribes. (however Wendy gave it even more meaning..) :)
Something to do: Stealing Wendy's Thank God and my parents for my lineage.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In His Word Days 9 & 10

Happy Weekend everyone!

Well there has been so much that has gone one within the last two days of reading, Isaac lies to Abimelech about his wife, like his father did to Pharaoh. Esau sells his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew. Rebekah helps Jacob deceive Isaac for Esau's inheritance. Jacob travels to find a wife from his Mothers family, works for 7 years, gets deceived into sleeping with Leah and has to work another 7 years for her Sister Rachel. Then the two sisters fight for Jacobs affections, even though Rachel is who Jacob truly loves, the Lord has enabled Leah to give him many sons before Rachel is allowed to have even one son. In their competition to have sons for Jacob, they too offer their maid servants to have babies for him. At the end of today's reading God does open Rachel's womb and she gives Jacob a son whom she names Joseph which means "may he add".

So what was Something New: Gen 27:27 So Jacob went over and kissed him. And when Isaac caught the smell of his clothes, he was finally convinced, and he blessed his son. He said, “Ah! The smell of my son is like the smell of the outdoors, which the Lord has blessed! I don't remember that Isaac smelled him.

Then today Gen 28:20-22 Then Jacob made this vow: “If God will indeed be with me and protect me on this journey, and if he will provide me with food and clothing, 21 and if I return safely to my father’s home, then the Lord will certainly be my God. 22 And this memorial pillar I have set up will become a place for worshiping God, and I will present to God a tenth of everything he gives me.”

Something in a different way: Gen 26:32-36 32 That very day Isaac’s servants came and told him about a new well they had dug. “We’ve found water!” they exclaimed. 33 So Isaac named the well Shibah (which means “oath”). And to this day the town that grew up there is called Beersheba (which means “well of the oath”).
I noticed this time that Abraham also had named a well Beersheba after making an oath with Abimelech (Gen 21:30-31)

A nugget I can apply to my life: Gen 25:32 “Look, I’m dying of starvation!” said Esau. “What good is my birthright to me now?”

Again today Gen 30:1 When Rachel saw that she wasn’t having any children for Jacob, she became jealous of her sister. She pleaded with Jacob, “Give me children, or I’ll die!”
After making this statement Rachel not only angered Jacob, but ended up taking things in her own hands and giving her maid to Jacob to have a baby. I'm not sure why that made her (and later Leah) think it was giving them a child. I makes me wonder how the maids felt about it.
So what should I do with this? Don't be so eager to appease the flesh. Go to God and wait for his instruction and timing.

Well I am getting this up later than I wanted to but better late than not at all.
Blessings ever one

Friday, January 8, 2010

In His Word Day 8

Good Morning

If you are here for the 1st time, I am reading the Bible Chronologically with a bunch of others. We all gather at Wendy Pope's Blog where she gives us her take of the daily reading. Then we can comment, answering 1-3 questions, ask for prayer or just fellowship by commenting.

So here are my nuggets from Gods word today.

Something different/new: Gen 25:5 Abraham gave everything he owned to his son Isaac. 6 But before he died, he gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and sent them off to a land in the east, away from Isaac.
I didn't remember him giving gifts and I thought it was interesting that Abraham sent them away from Isaac. In the commentary I read it said "Abraham was careful to set Isaac apart as the child of promise." Can you imagine the excitement and curiosity you would have about you future knowing you were the child of promise... We are the children of promise, because of being the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we are set apart as the children of promise. Selah

Something new/different: Gen 25:7 Abraham lived to be 175 years old.
Esau and Jacob were 15 years old when he died. What all did they hear from their Grandfather. As a grandparent myself I know we are always speaking into their lives.

Something to apply/do: (When Abraham died) Gen 25:9 His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, near Mamre, in the field of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite.
It shows me that there are times that despite all else that is going on between two people, there are times and situations that I need to lay down differences and do what needs to be done!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In the Word - Day 7

Well we have completed a week of our chronological reading. Here are some of my findings.

Something Different:
Gen 24:2 One day Abraham said to his oldest servant, the man in charge of his household, “Take an oath by putting your hand under my thigh.
Then again in vs - 9 So the servant took an oath by putting his hand under the thigh of his master, Abraham. He swore to follow Abraham’s instructions.
I knew Abraham had him take an oath I just hadn't noticed it was by putting a hand under a thigh. I read that according to ancient custom, it describes a very serious oath.

Something New:
Gen 24:67 "And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother Sarah’s tent, and she became his wife. He loved her deeply, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother. I hadn't seen that is is how they became "married".

Something to do/Apply:
Gen 22:1 Some time later God tested Abraham's faith. "Abraham" God Called "yes" he replied "Here I am" then again in vs 22:11 At that moment the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven, "Abraham! Abraham!” - “Yes,” Abraham replied. “Here I am!”
Both times, first when nothing was going on, and again when he must have been distraught knowing he was only moments away from sacrificing his only heir, Abraham promptly responded "Yes Lord Here I am". Today and everyday may I promptly, and obediently respond "Yes Lord Here I am"

Lynn - OR

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In His Word Day 6

Something New: Gen 18:12 So she laughed silently to herself and said, “How could a worn-out woman like me enjoy such pleasure, especially when my master—my husband—is also so old?” I hadn't noticed "My Master- My Husband before"

Something Different: (This is when God sent the two angels to Lot to rescue him before he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.)
Gen 19:8 Look, I have two virgin daughters. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do with them as you wish. But please, leave these men alone, for they are my guests and are under my protection.”

That sounds horrible to us in this time, however it shows his reverence for the Lord. and then in vs 12 Meanwhile, the angels questioned Lot. “Do you have any other relatives here in the city?” they asked. “Get them out of this place—your sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or anyone else. Do you see sons-in-laws? Back in that day if you were engaged it was as if you were already married, you were spoken for, betrothed. I learned about this last year and so these verses appeared to me with different meaning.

What to apply: Gen 19:26 But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.
When God rescues us from sin or destruction, whatever that may me, don't look back, don't go back. I'm assuming that Lot's wife looking back was a implication she was reminiscent which I'm sure was not the heart attitude God wanted.

Have a great day

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In His Word Day 5

Good Morning
Well this is day 5 of the 2010 Chronological reading and here are some highlights of what I read.

Something new: Gen 17:17 Abraham bowed down to the ground, but he laughed to himself in disbelief. I knew Sarah laughs (tomorrows reading) but I hadn't notice that Abraham did also.
Then Isaac's name means He laughs was he named that because both his parents laughed?

Something different: I noticed how many times God said he was making a covenant and confirming a covenant. Gen 15:18, 17:2,4,7,19,21. It made me smile thinking ya God really knows us and knows we want/need that continual confirmation "God if that's you give me a sign" :)

Something to Apply: Gen 17:9 "Then God said to Abraham (Lynn) "Your responsibility is to obey the terms of the covenant. You and your descendants have this continual responsibility.
How many times are we so quick to remind God of what He said He would do verses how often we look at ourselves and ask the question - Did I do what I was supposed to do?

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, January 4, 2010

More Revelations - Day 4

Good Morning - Day 4 :)

Something in a different way - Gen 11:27 The Family of Terrah. I paid more attention to the lineage that came from Noah. I'm not sure I paid attention to the fact that Lot's Father died and his uncle married his sister.

Something New - Gen 12:19 I didn't know that Pharaoh took Sarai as his wife. Interestingly I went to read some commentaries on it and it said "might have taken her as my wife." I looked it up in different translations Amp,Mess,American Standard, and NLT all say He took her as his wife. The King James and New King James say he might have, and both commentaries that I checked went off that. Just a tid bit for the day.

Something for me to do: Do not lie to gain favor or riches. Gen 12:13 "So please tell them you are my sister. Then they will spare my life and treat me well because of their interest in you."
In one of the commentaries it stated how God did not want Sarai's womb defiled because she would be the Mother of many nations. So much could have changed if she had become pregnant with Pharaoh's child.

If God doesn't order it He can't bless it.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

In His Word Day 3

Well better late than never, started reading my chronological Bible at 6:30 this morning and then I had to leave, and it's been a day ever since. But my cooking is done for the week and after 3 trips to home depot I have a new kitchen faucet with no leaks growls or drips. Yahoo. So now that the lunches are made and an hour and half call to my earthly Father to check on him and his wonderful wife, I am finishing my reading. TMI (too much info) I'm sure but thanks for listening.
What did I make? Well 2 recipes of chicken from the Cookbook that the Siesta's put together last year, Meatloaf, Enchilada's Spaghetti Sauce, Vegetable Soup, and Salads.
Okay for my reading what did I get today...

Something New - Gen 7-11 "all underground waters erupted" I have never seen that before, and adds to the depth of the flood waters.

Something Different - Gen 7:21-24 All living things died but I noticed that it doesn't mention the fish. It specifically mentions little animals that scurry, birds and humans, but not fish, did they all live? It doesn't mention fish again until vs 9:2 where God tells Noah that they will are fear him.

Apply to my life - Not sure on that for today!

Well that's all for today I am tired.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Revelations Day 2

Continuing on with my chronological reading this is day 2. I am not sure if I will be able to post every day but when I can I will. As I stated yesterday Wendy who is hosting our reading again this year posted some questions for us to consider while we read.
  1. Name something that you read today that was familiar but "heard" in a new way.
  2. Name something that you did not know before today's reading.
  3. Name one truth or "nugget" from today's reading you can apply to your life.
Well I wanted to keep them in mind but not keep going back and reading them so this is what came to mind... from God or not here it is: (Goes like the Wedding day jingle)
Something old
Something new
and Something for me to do.
Okay enough of that! :)

In Gen 4:5 The Lord rejects Cains offering - It doesn't give a lot of detail, so I went to one of Wendy's suggested sites to look at it further, the commentary showed that they probably brought the offering to the tree of life where the cherubim were and that maybe because there are acceptable sacrifices consumed by fire that it may have been evident it was not acceptable because it didn't burn. Basically God knew his heart and motive of giving.

What was something I saw in a new way: Gen 4:16 So Cain left the Lords presence and settled in the land of NOD east of Eden. Nod means wandering - Cain was sentenced to wander (vs 12 " No longer will the ground yield good crops for you, no matter how hard you work! From now on you will be a homeless wanderer on the earth".) so even when Cain tried to settle is was in the town of wandering.

What else was new? Gen 4:26 "When Seth grew up, he had a son and named him Enosh. At that time people FIRST began to worship the Lord by name." I hadn't seen the part where that was when they 1st started worshiping the Lord. Also in vs 25 I hadn't seen that Seth, Adam and Eve's 3rd son, was said to replace Abel.

What can I apply? Genesis 6:6 "So the Lord was sorry he had ever made them and put them on earth, it broke His heart" and again in vs 7 it says "I am sorry I ever made them"
There is a song by Hillsong named "Hosanna" and part of the chorus says - "Break my Heart for what breaks His" How can I apply this? Be more aware of my thoughts and actions so that what I do does not break Gods heart.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and start to their new year. New Years is not just a day, but each day is the start of a new year, a new beginning. So whether it is yesterday, today or tomorrow, it can be a new year, a new beginning, the start to a new life. If you haven't asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life will you do that today. Romans 10:9-10 says: If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved. If you haven't done that before will please ask Jesus into your heart.

Be Blessed

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year - New Revelations

Hi Everyone-
I hope all of you are having a great day and start to the new year. I am starting in Genesis again for another year of reading the New Living Translations of Chronological Bible, with Wendy Pope and the other readers. You can click her name above to be directed to her post and find out more about it. This year Wendy has given us some questions to ponder as we read.

  1. Name something that you read today that was familiar but "heard" in a new way.
  2. Name something that you did not know before today's reading.
  3. Name one truth or "nugget" from today's reading you can apply to your life.
So over the next year as often as I can I will share with you the New, Different and Nuggets, I get from my daily chronological reading.

January 1st 2010

My Nugget that I can apply to my life is in Genesis 1:11 These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came. Everything produces after its own kind - If I am kind, it will produce kindness, if I am patient it will produce patience, so the things in my life that I desire, if I sow those seeds I will reap.

What did I see differently?
In Genesis 3:22-24 Last year I saw how and why they were banished from the garden. (Because God had sentenced them to hard labor in birth and in gathering food, if they were to eat from the tree of life it would go on for eternity. He then placed a guard around the garden so they wouldn't eat from the tree of life.) This year I saw God talking. [Then the Lord God said, "Look, the human beings" have become like us,....] who is God talking to,? obviously Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Today I got the visual of John 1:1 "In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God and the word was God." I knew Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there from the beginning I just didn't make the connection from this scripture before. That was awesome.

My New and my Seeing something in a different way both seemed new and different. :) Vs 1:6 Then God Said, "Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth." I got this whole new visual of the heavens and earth being one - in unison. I'm not sure how to explain that... But it was great.

The other new thing I noticed was that after they had eaten the forbidden fruit, Genesis 3:16 "Then He said to the Woman, "I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. and you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you." Two things in there first "sharpen your pain" was their always going to be pain? and secondly "he will rule over you" does that mean that originally there wasn't a need for one to rule?

Well that is it for today - Happy New Years all for all the New Year.
Be blessed.