Monday, January 4, 2010

More Revelations - Day 4

Good Morning - Day 4 :)

Something in a different way - Gen 11:27 The Family of Terrah. I paid more attention to the lineage that came from Noah. I'm not sure I paid attention to the fact that Lot's Father died and his uncle married his sister.

Something New - Gen 12:19 I didn't know that Pharaoh took Sarai as his wife. Interestingly I went to read some commentaries on it and it said "might have taken her as my wife." I looked it up in different translations Amp,Mess,American Standard, and NLT all say He took her as his wife. The King James and New King James say he might have, and both commentaries that I checked went off that. Just a tid bit for the day.

Something for me to do: Do not lie to gain favor or riches. Gen 12:13 "So please tell them you are my sister. Then they will spare my life and treat me well because of their interest in you."
In one of the commentaries it stated how God did not want Sarai's womb defiled because she would be the Mother of many nations. So much could have changed if she had become pregnant with Pharaoh's child.

If God doesn't order it He can't bless it.

Have a great day!

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