Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nuggets of Interest

Hello everyone and Happy V-Day weekend.

I have been reading my Chronological Bible everyday but haven't had time to comment. I have been doing some commentaries and then digging into more truths that have been awesome. I've been trying to find hidden nuggets or if not expand on the obvious.

Remember back to last month when we were looking up the names of God..I found a new one. When God was giving Moses the 10 Commandments, in Exodus 20:5 God says "I am a Jealous God" One of Gods names is Jealous "Qanna" Just like His other names Yireh - "Provider", Elohim - "Almighty" etc. - one of His names I Jealous "Qanna" That really shows me how serious He is when He says He is a jealous God. I thought that was interesting.
I also found a quote in a Bible Study book that I did in 2008 by Kelly Minter called "No other Gods" It said "The Israelite's turned God's gifts into gods" isn't that rich. Here God made it so that the Egyptians gave all their jewelry and riches to the Israelite's. Then when Moses stays on the mountain too long in their eyes, they grow impatient and turn the gifts from God in a golden calf and make it into a god. What things has God Blessed us with that we have made into an idol?

Then in today's reading as they build the Ark, Table, Lampstand, Incense Alter, ..... Because most all these things were made starting with "Acacia Wood". So I decided to look up Acacia Wood, because I had never heard of it other than in the Bible before. Well it turns out that it is a hard wood that is used for making furniture. What was also interesting is that it has roughly 1300 species, which most of the common names include the word "Wattle" in its name. It got its name from the Greek word for Thorn "akis" because of it's thorny stems. Now it makes me wonder what species was used in the alter. Interesting.
It also made me wonder if this was the plant used in the crown of thorns for Jesus crucifixion. However with more searches I found out that was called "Euphorbia Milii" which bears the common name "Crown of Thorns". I'm not really a plant person, this was just a curiosity gone wild, and thought someone else may enjoy.
Have a great day I may have more later.
Lynn - OR

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nuggets - Day 33

Yes I have been doing the reading, however don't always have time to do a post. :)

Here is a little nugget from today's reading in Exodus 4

Exodus 4:21-23 Especially 22 Then you will tell him: This is what the Lord says: Israel is my first born son".

I really saw this either for the 1st time or in such a different light. Knowing these are the descendant's from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) they are the Israelite's, Gods Chosen but seeing today (new revelation) how God calls them His First Born. Yes Israel is Gods chosen, but they are only His first born... Isn't i nice to know that when we are born again we are born into his Kingdom as equal heirs. They are not greater, only the 1st born. God doesn't play favorites.

Sometimes you can know all these things, however sometimes it drops into your heart and spirit in a whole new way.

Have a great day.