Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"I AM" Lesson 16 The Final One!

This is an On-Line Bible Study that was inspired by God and brought to us by:
Lisa a.k.a The Preachers Wife

This whole study deals a lot with Moses and the Promise land, but as the button above states, the study is about God the "I AM" so you don't have to be.

Our last Question is: What is one thing God has taught you through this study?

Wow, that is hard, I would have to say - I've learned I'm special.

That's always been a problem for me. In all my insecurities and failures, people pleasing, and being walked on and taken advantage of that is what has been the root of evil. The little voice in me that says "I just want to be special". I've grown so much in this area already, but this study nailed it. It doesn't matter what i am, because the Almighty "I AM" lives in me.

To anyone that has come across my Blog if you haven't done this study - Please do. We have never overcome so much that we can't use more of God and His word. For me I felt secure in God, however this reinforces it even more.

Hats off to Lisa, the Bible study may be over but I will stay in touch through your blog. Your Love for God shows strong, and I love your down to earth just being you style. The light of God shines bright in you.

Thank you again for a great study.


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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hi Lynn..

Just wanted to thank you for persevering through this entire study. It has been wonderful getting to know you.

And yes, you are very, very special :))