Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"I AM" Lesson 15

Burning Questions:

1. I think we can all agree most of us find ourselves closer to God in the struggle than without it. How does it affect you knowing that trial is what draws you more intimately in relationship to Your God?

Torn. I like others desired a more intimate relationship with God during a trial. And because of his mercy, forgiveness and grace, I want to keep seeking Him with out anymore trials :) but seriously so I am well prepared for battles and trials with Gods word. I've had life without God and with God, trust me it is soooooo much better with God. Just hand you life over, you will not regret it.

2. Have you ever made a huge mistake but then found yourself in the position for a 'do-over'? Did you make a better decision the second or third or fourth time around? :)

Yes!!!! And you wonder why I am so thankful. :)

3. Is there a 'generational sin' in your family you have overcome? This can be anything from a lineage of unbelief to issues of many kinds. This may be a private matter. Share if you feel liberty or quietly thank God for His deliverance. If you have not yet been delivered, I pray with all my heart God's Word is giving you courage to ask for help in that area.

Have you been reading my journal again? Yes there were several issues in a lot of areas that have been pasted down that I have broken, and ones I didn't break until I was older I am praying and working with my Daughter to break before she passes them on. Insecurities and people pleasing things that I didn't overcome until she was already grown, unfortunately I passed some of that on to her.

4. Have you ever been misunderstood? Do you feel unforgiven for past mistakes even though you know God has forgiven you?

At times I wonder if there are attitudes and offenses that I thought were over that may still be there.

5. Is there a sister you need to extend grace towards in order to be able to 'bless God together'? Do you comprehend how your unforgiveness is hindering her from inhabiting her own Promise? If no, do you recognize a situation within your church body where this may be happening? If so, ask God to raise up a 'Phinehas' (mediator) in this situation. He may just reveal the Phinehas is you. :)

Not that I know of but it makes me want to do a check up to make sure I am not holding anything that I need to deal with. I pray God will reveal it to me if I do need to.

Wow Lisa One more lesson Thanks!


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From the Heart said...

Just stopped by to say hello. Sounds like your learning a lot. I use to feel so unworthy and felt that I could never do anything for Him but after surgery in 1999 God showed me what I could do and it was a blessing. For 6 years I did a card ministry through my church.
After surgery on my back last May I just lost the passion for the cards. Our church had a new pastor and it seemed like I didn't know anyone anymore, then this Bible study came along and I have gotten a fresh outlook on life and feel doing my blog has helped me tremendously and hope it has helped others.