Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"I AM" Lesson 14

Burning Questions:

1. We talked of the importance of encouragement when God has called us to task. Has a lack of encouragement or even ridicule ever taken you back to a place of insufficiency you thought you had conquered?

Oh yes because I dealt with fear insecurity and people pleasing it didn't take much to set me off and make me think little of myself. Unfortunately it used to take way more encouragement than criticism to affect how I felt about myself and my abilities.

2. Is there someone you know right now who is attempting a new ministry that could use a world of encouragement from you? Why do you think this thing may be scary for her? Will you commit to write a note, make a call, or send an email with a dose of courage inside?

Yes actually I do. A friend of mine started a Bible study and I am going to it just for that purpose, to help her and encourage her, because she is doing this and it is totally out of her comfort zone. Yes I will do something even more as an extra encouragement to her.

3. Read Moses' song in Exodus 15:3-18. What line speaks to you most? Why does it touch you?
13 "In your unfailing love you will lead
the people you have redeemed.
In your strength you will guide them
to your holy dwelling.

Because God is Love and this says that.

4. Based on the applications of living either inside or outside the Promise, where would you now say you currently reside? (As I read your answers, if this one point seems to have been confusing, I'll elaborate in a separate post. Again remember I am asking this question in terms of abundant living and not in determining salvation.;))
I'm living in the promise. I feel I am living in the abundant. There will always be battles and things to overcome and things to learn. Every time I read a scripture God can give me new Revelation, because the more we learn the more He can share with us.

5. If you are 'Somewhere in the Middle' between the girl you were and the one you want to be, how do you plan on changing that? Is there a barrier you feel you can't climb? Knowing God is for you and this study group is for you, is there a way we can help?

Yes I'm in the middle but way on the other side from the girl I used to be. How can you help, I'll always accept a Godly prayer, and I enjoy the comments. And as this study pointed out it is good and important to give encouragement so I'll take that too.

Lisa, I only have a couple more lessons, and this has been so good I wish there was more, so I guess you better get busy and write another for us. :)

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