Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Independence Day

Well in a couple days it will be "The 4th of July", Yahoo! It is the celebration of the freedom of our country, the Day we call, "Independence Day".

I was pondering this today and thinking of all the preparation for the celebrations that will take place all over our great nation. There will be Bar-B-Ques, picnics, softball games, and fireworks. What a grand way to remember and be thankful for our independence.

But something else that came to me was, what does "Independence Day" mean to you? Was it the day you were born again? Was it the day that God gave you the courage to lay down your addiction? To give it to God - whatever it may have been. Was it the day that God freed you from fear, insecurity and people pleasing? "Independence Day" can be a single day that was a great turning point in your life where you became free, or the start of a new life , or it may be day by day as you lay you life down for God.

The independence of this great nation came with a price. Our ancestors fought for our freedom. Not unlike our Heavenly Father that gave us his Son so that we would be free. See John 3:16.
Our Heavenly Father wants to be free of the power of sin Romans 8:2 .

John 8:36 Says: So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Big and small we all have things, and issues that God has saved us from. Things that he has given us His mercy and grace in.

As we celebrate the freedom of our nation, please take some time to celebrate your freedom in Christ Jesus. And as we remember those that have given their life so that we may enjoy this freedom that we have, let us also remember Jesus who gave us His life so that we would have freedom and life abundantly.

Thank you Jesus for my Independence and to all of you "Happy 4th of July"

Be Blessed


Plant Lady said...

We owe all our freedom to the One who paid the ultimate price - our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our church sign reads:
Freedom's Price
Jesus' Blood

By the way, written in my mama's little New Testament Bible she had back in the 1940's, is a statement of when she received Jesus Christ as her Lord. The date: July 4th, 1943. Freedom at its finest!

Have a safe and Happy 4th!

Plant Lady

Mary said...

Very good post! The 4th of July is truly a day to honor our country and to honor God!

I hope you have a wonderful time as you celebrate the 4th and your dad's birthday.

Our great grandson was born on the 4th so we will be celebrating his birthday later today. He is three years old today. We are blessed to celebrate with another generation of grandchildren.

I just read Plant Lady's comments that her mother received Jesus on the 4th! "Freedom at its finest" is so true!


debrah said...

Great Post and reminder of our Freedom in Jesus.
Many men and women gave there all even unto death for our freedom that we in enjoy in America.

It is also a time to reflect how we have been using our freedom...are we as individuals and as a nation glorifying and honoring our Lord and Savior?
Be Blessed

From the Heart said...

What a great post. I would vote for the day we accepted Jesus as our Savior our greatest
"Independence Day".

Be sure to visit Donna's (fivedesigns) blog. She has posted today and needs some encouragement.
Thanks, you are a true friend and sister in Christ,