Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obedience School

If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire & it stall be done for you. John 15:7

A girlfriend of mine was telling me about her grown Son and his dog. He has a beagle named Willie and they adore each other. Well Willie is big enough now and needs to learn a few tricks. So her son and his girlfriend are teaching Willie some basic obedience. Sit and Stay. Willie was doing real good for his master, however My Girlfriend tried the commands and was not having any luck. I wonder if it had something to do with the treats and rewards he was getting from his Master. Willie understood and trusted his master enough to know that if he Stayed as he was told to and waited the reward would be his.

As I pondered the verse above, I wanted to see exactly what God meant about "Abide". I always figured it meant to stay. So I looked it up in Webster and here are some of the definitions I got.

* To Wait for.
* To Endure with out yielding
* To Bear patiently
* To Remain Stable or fixed in a place.
* To Withstand

Sometimes I think we make Gods word too complicated. He was speaks in parables but the message it still the same. Siiiit ...... now Staaaay....... and you will get your reward. Makes me think I could use a little dose of obedience school myself sometimes, how about you?

Be Blessed,


sharon said...

Amen to that. Yes we all need some of that schooling don't we. I love that! very nice. I am doing well, staying busy how about you? We have such a busy but exciting weekend coming up. Mothers Day, Hubby is getting ordained, 2 of our church members Birthdays, and the Lady i mentioned with the baby is also coming sunday, soooo bigbig day!
oh yea my mom is coming to church on sunday as well, thats exciting to me. We also have a feast at church, so I have some cooking and cake making to do. hahaha!
I hope you have a Wonderful, Blessed Mother's Day.
By the way on my blog I don't know if you scrolled down any but I added a few things that I wrote as well. When you have time would you read it let me know what ya think! take care sharon

SKY4KAT said...

Great analogy Lynn,
Simple yet so hard.
Wait,endure, bear patiently,remain stable.
I have not exhibited a lot of endurance in patience in my life and remained stable in so doing it if I did. i tend to become irritable and resentful. I keep crawling along with baby steps, falling down and getting up.
Lord help me to just keep moving.

Mary said...

First of all, I would like to say that I don't see how you can keep up two blogs! I'm impressed!
Both of your blogs are very interesting. You have some great points on the "Obedience School" post. I remember reading in one of Elisabeth Elliot's books or devotional that one of God's favorite words was WAIT and also TRUST ME. So this certainly goes in line with what you have written.

I truly appreciate your comments left on my blog. . and about our age getting married, actually, we were young. I was eighteen and Curtis was nineteen. I felt grown up but when I look at young people that age NOW, I think, oh my, did we REALLY get married that young?
Looking back I feel I was eighteen going on fourteen but thankfully, Curtis was more mature for his age, otherwise our story may have played out very differently!


SweetPea said...

Great post! Great analogy!

I think abiding - waiting, trusting, being still, stable, enduring - is one of the hardest things for most Christians.

However, we must heed to the fact that God has the word "wait" and "trust" in His Word so much.
In His Grip,

From the Heart said...

Waiting. That is so hard, but I think there's a message there for me. Check the comment I put on Donna's (fivedesigns) blog. I need prayer.

Yes, I listen to Dr. Duplantis. My first encounter with him was a DVD from a friend, "Encounters of the God Kind". He tells about his visit to Heaven and is abolutely amazing. I ordered a copy for my sister-in-law and I have been getting their magazine every month. I have learned so much from reading those. If you have not seen this film I would recommend it very highly.
Blessing to you and yours,