Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I Am" Lesson 3

Discussion Questions:
1. It was stated in the Lesson that God has made you "once, twice, three times a lady." Where are you in this progression? Obviously we have all been physically born, but are you 'twice a lady'? Have you been born again spiritually? This may be a private matter you'd like to discuss confidentially. If so, email me. If you have already received this gift, write a brief prayer of thanksgiving or testimony.

Yes I have and I re-dedicated myself in 2005 when I was water baptised, I had only been sprinkled before that.
I have been going strong for that intimate relationship with God since.

2. Are you three times a lady? Has God given you a stirring deep within your Spirit to be a 'deliverer'? Do you have a desire or are you already meeting a need in the life of the church, a particular ministry (such as jail ministry, food ministry, etc.) or perhaps individuals who share common issues?

I do help at the church I've done nursery, pre-school and greeting, but I do feel that there is something more that God has for me. I feel right now He is building my foundation and having me grow so that I will be equipped. I thought about this and I have a lot of desires in and out of ministry and it was nice to have confirmation I guess that He built those talents and desires into me. I love to cook and sew and read and help, and give and study more about Him ... He gave me those.

3. Do you ever get tired of waiting for that opportunity to do something
worthwhile for God? Do you ever feel God is using someone else instead of you?

I used to but I actually am content right now waiting, however I do feel a real strong desire to build myself up on His word, maybe something is coming soon. :)

4. What do you consider 'worthwhile ministry'? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself mistakenly thinking it has to be Big to be Important?

Yes I do at times think it has to be Big... But I also try to remember everything for God is big and important. Like you said we all have our parts, an ear is no greater or less than an arm, and as little as a thumb is try to work without one.

5. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? If yes, what are yours? If no, here's a good one from Ephesians 4 Ministry. Will you take it and come back with a response? Knowing some of you like I already do, I can almost pick out what your gift is before you say it. I can't wait to see if I'm right!

That was so neat, and thanks for the link. I haven't been doing your studies long enough but you can try to guess what I am if you want. Then I'll tell you if you were right.

Thanks, Lisa

Be Blessed


rusty'swife said...


I wish I had your contentment with waiting. I am trying but finding it hard to do. I am interested in what your giftings were..I have held some of the postions that you did in one of the churches we attended.
This study is so fun I am enjoying it very much.

Michelle V said...


I've also been doing the I AM study and just wanted to say hello. I too have been in a season where I'm studying His Word but waiting to see what He has for me to do with it someday.


Lisa McKay a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

Moses is the perfect example of the value of waiting. Imagine how important learning to survive in the wilderness would be to him when he was later called to lead 2 million people through it.

I've said a lot of times that it is a wonderful thing when our desires and God's will turn out to be the same thing. Praying the two will align themselves for all three of you girls who are working through this study together. :))