Friday, April 25, 2008

Exercise and Work in Balance

God gave me a revelation earlier in the week. But I just kept thinking, well God that is just for me. (Maybe not) It's one of those moments where you have heard something a hundred times and you even believe it, but God gives you a visual in a different way.
My husband and I were doing our morning Bible study and then we started talking about exercising our Faith. Then God showed me, He has given us each a measure of Faith. (paraphrased) Rom 12:3 We have heard that a lot in our life. But what God showed me was that He gave us each all the faith that He was going to give us. That we didn't need to pray for more faith, He gave us each equal amounts of faith just like he gave each of us equal eyes, ears, arms, legs. Now when we are a baby, we have to start using our arms, legs.... to strengthen them, just like when we use our faith it builds us up. When God asks us to build up our faith, he is wanting us to use it. If you never used your arms they would become weaker and weaker until you could not do anything with them, however by using them a little each day and increasing what you do with them you build them up.

I've always been big on not letting complacency creep in, I personally think that is one of Satan's favorite tools against us, is to convince us we can do it later, after all we have time. I also believe that we need to be in balance. It doesn't do us any good to get fired up and go read 27 chapters in the Bible and not understand what we have read. Or like the person that is trying to get into shape goes to the gym works out for 3 hours, only to burn out and never go back. So we need to exercise our Faith a little each day, in balance. "Faith is the substance of the things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Heb 11:1

In James 2:14-26 It says faith without works is dead. (paraphrased) Again this is a balance of faith mixed with your works or deeds. I heard someone say that your works are what you believe. Which if you break that down makes a lot of sense. You will only act on what you believe, therefore your works will stem from what you believe.

Work your spirit out a little everyday a little faith a little works and see how shapely your spirit becomes.

Be Blessed

Check back I'll be posting a new recipe for Temple of the Holy Spirit : ) on my other Blog later.


SweetPea said...

Good post. It is so true that God has already given us our faith but He only asks that we build it by using it. Wonderfully said. I had never thought of it in those exact terms. We don't need to ask for more faith, just use it...maybe ask Him to build it or help us to see how to use it.

So true about reading 27 chapters and then not understanding it to be able to apply it. We talked this week in Bible study on James 1:19-27 about being doers of the Word. If we read it and then not do it such as in the example of looking in the mirror and forgetting what we look like, then that says we find no value in the is useless to us. I've decided to ditch the whole read the Bible in a year. I have the guide so I can still check off the chapters but I will take my time and allow it to soak in so that I can remember it and use it and be a doer of the Word.

God is awesome!!

SKY4KAT said...

I agree with Paula in what you said about not having to ask God to give us more faith but to exercise the faith that He has already given us. Aa well as exercising that faith in a balanced way so as to not burn out or become overwhelmed. I'm not sure what that looks like. I struggle with trust issues, but I suppose it would be like learning to walk and falling down and then getting right back up and trying again and not beating myself up for not trusting more
Looking forward to your new recipe...
Thanks and Gods peace

Dana said...


So glad I came over tonight. I loved this post. I had never thought about faith the way you described it. I want to try to exercise a little everyday. Thanks.
I'm truly happy that God has blessed you with a husband who has morning Bible study with you. My Mom and Step-Dad do that.

Have a great week,

JnL4God said...

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Be Blessed and thanks for stopping by.