Friday, April 18, 2008

Bryant Mountain & God Pt 2

Well it had been a year to the weekend that we made the trip up Bryant Mountain to go to Smith Reservoir. It was a nice sunny Sunday and we had some time so Dad suggested we make another attempt at going over the mountain to the really neat fishing spot. So we grabbed a pop and loaded into the pickup.

Now because of what had happened the year before, breaking down and walking off the mountain, Mom and Dad had a little joking going on. But they both resolved to the fact that it would be too much of a coincidence to break down two years in a row on the same weekend.

We traveled along, past the "Big Fir" in the clearing, enjoying the beautiful day and the scenery. Juniper trees with their bluish purple berries, sage brush, buck brush, Douglas fir and lodge pole pine. There was even a grove of cotton woods, but that was in the other direction. We stopped every now and then to check out a deer or two along the way. When Grandpa went on rides with us, we got a Quarter for seeing the first deer, and a nickel after that, it had to be confirmed though.

So Dad makes his couple of special turns that was supposed to take us to Smith Reservoir, but as we continued on it seemed as though things weren't as carefree. Being young I really didn't understand, but it was very quiet as we got close to the spot where we had broken down the year before. All the sudden out of the blue Dad states, "Somethings not right, I don't think we should continue on". Well I had never known my Dad to be superstitious but hey if he said we needed to go, then we needed to go. Now we were on that one lane dirt road with the embankment on the drivers side and the large drop off on the other side. So Dad Pulls up the side of the embankment, so he can turn the pickup around and get out of there. He pumps the brakes and yells "We don't have any brakes". My Mom yells back "Don't say that, that is not funny"! to which he replys "I'm not joking"!

There was a whirl of motion and a jerk like I was on a carnival ride and then we stopped. I hadn't realized it but I had glued my arms around my Moms arm so tight that when she opened the pick up door - in one motion of her arm, she flung me 1/2 way across the road. The pick up was hanging over the edge of the embankment. One wheel was on the road, one was dangling in the air, one was on the edge and the other was 1/2 on the road 1/2 off with a 2" in diameter by 2 foot sapling wedged under fender well holding the truck from going over. The momentum of coming down the embankment, the soft dirt road, and the pickup was stopped by a sapling.

Was that God or what! We used rocks and dirt and built a foundation under the other wheels, Dad put the truck in Granny gear and got it back on the road. We were able to drive it down the mountain going no more than 5 miles an hour.

Now my parents weren't spirit filled at the time, but they were full of His spirit. Once again God was on the scene to watch over us and take charge.

Psalm 61:3
For thou hast been a shelter for me and a strong tower from the enemy.

As for Smith Reservoir, I've never been there, nor has my Mom or Dad.

(The picture is not from Bryant Mountain, however looks very similar to the view we had looking down on the farm land below from the clearing by the "Big Fir")

Be Blessed

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From the Heart said...

Lynn, What a wonderful witness to God's power and love. We have been in similar situations when my husband and I traveled with a gospel quartet (he sings, not me). We had some very close encounters but God always brought us out of them. I saw your comment on Plant Lady and came to leave you a message about my blog site. The name has been changed to Another person also has From the Heart as their blog name. That was part of my problem. You will have to go down to the Archives and click on April in order to get my posts. The first one "Feeds" explains why you could not get my posts. The second one is a Prayer sent by email to me from a friend. I was so impressived I felt God wanted me to share it. Please try again. I was having trouble logging in with my blogger name but I've got that figured out also. Hope your having a wonderful weekend. I look forward to the discussion on the "Virtuous Woman".

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments! They are truly appreciated.

How frightening to be hanging on the cliff! We have taken several vacations driving over mountains and although it was beautiful beyond description it is also pretty scary when driving around curves on a narrow road. So thankful that all of you were safe and you lived to tell about it!!


fivedesigns said...

Hey Lynn

You are a good friend! I was noticing your quilt you quilt? I do and have made a living off of it so I wanted to tell you that they are beautiful!!

I loved what you wrote about God's power and love also. I also wanted to tell you that I want to thank you for keeping me in your prayers at all are such a wonderful woman and you speak from your have been a God send and I just wanted to tell you that..I love you