Thursday, March 27, 2008


Good Morning,
Well there is Seed - Time - and then the Harvest. The time part is the most difficult for us, because it is a time of waiting, believing, & trusting, all of which are areas that me as well as others offen are not developed in. But I also believe that "Time" is a growing time. Sowing your seed is an act of obedience to our Father. There are all types of seed, it could be money, physical seed, a smile a kind gesture or deed, or spreading Gods word. I've been through the TIME and as I continue to ask God to "grow" me there will probably be more "time" but I've also reaped the harvest. Gods harvest is beyond our imagination. Our human mind tries to rationalize and justify what we earn. God just gives freely. To all my friends and Sisters that are struggling, do not grow weary in your well doing. Be obedient to the one and only that can truly help you. Trust God no matter where he is taking you even if it is scary. He will give the harvest of your life.
Have a day of peace, a day of ease and a stress free day!
God Bless you all,


MrsProverbs31 said...

Thank you for your gentle reminder of sowing our seed. Indeed, we reap what we sow.

Plant Lady said...

Your post reminded me of the topic of our recent ladies group meeting at church. The leader did a program on the "Seeds of Kindness". A few days later, I was responsible for the devotion of another group with which I am affiliated. In a hurry, I thought of the same topic. I purchased some flower seeds and gave each participant with instructions to sow, water, fertilize,and harvest, and share the bouquet with someone who is in a nursing home, or going through a rough time or someone who needs encouragement. When we sow seeds of kindness, we reap eternal blessings!

Plant Lady