Friday, March 28, 2008

Doggie paddle if you must.

Well for anyone out there that doesn't know what the title of this blog means, because I know some of my new friends are from other countries, let me explain. When a person is trying to learn to swim, before they have developed the art of swimming gracefully, they paddle their arms in front of them like a dog just trying to stay afloat, or to get to the side of the pool, or where they can stand up again. So with that being said, I must ask, do you ever feel like you are doggie paddling trying so hard to get somewhere and barely staying above the trials and trauma in your life. I have. You have to lean on God. Yes that sounds so easy and anybody that has had a trial knows it's work to lean on God and let him do the unknown to your life. That's why it is called faith. There were times I was such a baby whining and crying to God. (Boy is he patient or what). I had to do things I didn't feel like doing. (I don't feel like it) Quit feeling yourself - do it because it's right. In other words, doggie paddle if you must. None of us popped out perfectly in Gods will 24-7. We have to work at it.
It also takes diligence. So many times we will run to God in a time of need, and then when the storm is over we become complacent with our fellowship and relationship with him. We take a day or two off from our studies (to rest) after all we have been through a lot. No No No! I always like to use the example of standing in a river. You may be ok to stand there briefly and not move forward but quicker than you think, the force of the river (life, the devil...) will carry you back to where you were. Keep your eyes on God and moving forward. "The diligent man prospers" Oh that could get me on another one, but I'll say it for later.
Have a great evening. God Bless.


Plant Lady said...


How true! It's funny you chose this title today. I have spent the day helping my dad on his farm. Just by coincidence,(maybe not)his(our)dog decides she wants to play "fetch". I always like to play with her when we are near the pond because she goes CRAZY! She will jump in after whatever I throw and swim around. She's done this since she was a puppy adopted from the pound. As she was swimming today, I noticed how she had to keep "blowing" the water out of her mouth. We have to remember to "blow out" the
enemy's negative influences as we doggie paddle.

Wow! There are no coincidences.

Plant Lady

P.S. Love your blog!

Dana said...


Love your blog. I really love how you used the doggie paddle referring to staying above trials of this life. SO TRUE!! Thank you so much for your prayers. Love your sweet spirit. There have been so many dear sisters from Rachel's Bible Study praying for my family and I appreciate it soooo much. I don't always have time to let everyone know. I'm so thrilled that you, Donna and plant lady have visited my blog(now that I finally figured some of it out). I'm still trying to keep my mind out of this world and more into the Word. Do you think this is going overboard? I can tell that I'm turning more & more of my anxieties over to the Lord but I feel like I'm constantly crying out to him. Like I'm standing on the very edge of a cliff and one small puff of wind is going to push me over the edge. I keep telling myself that when I get thru this valley and up on the mountain top I am not going to get complacent. God is carrying me right now. He has to be. If I were going thru these things even a few months ago I would be a basket case. His Word is sustaining me every minute. The Lord says in 2 Corinthians 12:9
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness"
This was one of my devotionals on Good Friday. It said "This world hates weakness because God's awesome power shines greatly thru weakness. I am weak in this world but strong in my Heavenly Father"

Is that good or what!!

Have a great Lord's day. Thanks again for visiting and your prayers.


JnL4God said...

You are welcome. I'll visit often, I too am trying to figure all of this blog stuff out. Have a great day.