Monday, March 24, 2008

A different kind of Love

As I'm reflecting on Gods word and desiring to have His heart, I hear Him loud and clear saying "My heart is Love". As simple as it seems, it is not. Oh it's no problem loving your friends, and people you don't know, but what about that irritating neighbor or co-worker? What about your Christian Brother or Sister that isn't living up to your expectations of a Christian. God is showing me that I need to have mercy because he gives mercy. That each of us have strong points and weak ones. That even though I have conquered an area does not mean that someone else has. After all they may just have revelations that I don't. Gods love is a different kind of love. It is not based on what we do or how we act, God loves us because he has chosen to.

I was sitting in my car one day at a fast food restaurant eating my lunch in a hurry so I could get back to work. I looked up between bites and noticed what appeared to be a homeless man. He was dirty and ragged and my mind was flooded with thoughts and emotions. Where did he come from? What caused him to be homeless? Is he from another town? Does his family or parents know where he is? Do they care or has he burnt them out. My questions were not in an audible voice I was only meditating..... God does his family care, God he's someones child, someones little boy that was bounced on a knee and played on a swing, God he's someones little boy. I thought about my child and how I would feel and questioned what I would do. I could hear God answering my thoughts. He said "He's my little boy" - "I care where he is at". "As much as you would and could ache for your child, that is how I ache and long for all my children to come to me." I love each of you unconditionally". It gave me a different look into Gods love and into lost children at whatever age.
My family has been involved in helping and rehabilitating homeless and recovering substance abusers in our area. Not sure if this sparked it or just stoked a fire that God built a long time ago.
I am working every day to walk more in Gods different kind of Love. "Unconditionally"


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Plant Lady said...

Great new blog! My prayer is also to "Love Unconditionally".

Still learning!

Plant Lady