Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Quilt

Here is a quilt I am working on. I started it about 9 months ago with exception to the center block was cross stitched close to 20 years ago. When I did the cross stitch many years ago it was from a children's book that I had and I graphed it out and designed this block and many other cross stitches. Some I framed and gave as presents and a few of these blocks I still have and am now putting into quilts which I always thought would be neat. Of course this is my first queen size quilt the other one I did was only a baby size and I am quilting this by hand. It is very relaxing to me and I'm starting to get all these Ideas of new things I want to do.
My Mom was a very creative talented woman, that gave God credit for her talent. She could draw, paint, sew, cook, and pasted most of those on to my Sister and I. She can draw, I can paint and we both can cook and sew. However, we can both sing and Mom could not so I guess that works too. She went home to be with the Lord January 2006.
I look at talents that God gives us as our little bits of uniqueness. God has us on the potters wheel, and as he decorates us for the purposes that we will have in carrying forth His word and works, He dabs a little talent for decoration. Something to give us joy and peace, and something that we can share and pass on to others as a gift of love and kindness. Just as with parts of the body, arms, legs, eyes, we really do have a place and purpose in Gods great design. He really did choose each and everyone of us. It's amazing how much we discount ourselves, when you stop and think of the intricate detail that God put into making us. If he didn't want us why would he waste His time. He wouldn't.

Find something you like, something that your good at and do it. It's Gods present to you.

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Plant Lady said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!
You truly have a talent for quilting, even though you say you are relatively new with this.

I would like to learn all the techniques instead of just quilting the pre-printed fabrics. The only thing I have ever done was a pre-printed pillow top. I am still proud of myself though, especially for my first time.

Talk with you later!
Plant Lady