Thursday, January 16, 2014

Puppies - Babies and Monsters

The other day my husband and I were talking about getting a dog someday, maybe after we retire. He listed off a type or two of dog he would like and then I did the same.  And then for a while I think we both drifted off in our own thoughts of this new dog we would have in our lives what they would look like and what we would name them.

My youngest daughter is going through this similar thing with babies right now. Newly re-married, she is having a huge desire to have another baby.  She has a daughter 10, a son 7 and now from new hubby another daughter 6. So her home is full and blessed, but she does have this yearning for a baby.

This brought up a whirl of thoughts in me - one, God made us to have desires, and God made us to love, because God is Love!

So I started thinking of how we all crave, and we all desire something and these desires change through out our life - yearly - monthly - hourly.  We desire puppies, and babies and things, and money and food and wealth.  And not that any of them are bad by themselves, but bad can come of them if they are not cared for properly. 

Puppies are oh so cute, but after the fifth pair of shoes they have destroyed they are not so cute anymore.  Do you stay diligent and keep training them to be all they can be as a pet and companion - or do you give up and put them on a chain in the back yard? Hence becoming this burden that you have to feed and water each day. 

Likewise - babies are so precious and so sweet and such a blessing from Heaven - until they learn to talk back and get their own opinions of how the world should be run.  Then it's not all the warm fuzzy feeling of the afghan Aunt Tilda made for your little bundle of ...... what ever that is behind that slammed door. See if we are not consistent about not just nurturing but training and correcting these cute little babies - they become a monster in our lives.

Tthis can apply to anything that we allow to get out of control in our life.  We desire things and then when we have to take care of these things, or pay for these things. We crave food and then we gain weight, and have to be a slave to loosing it. We desire wealth, but with it comes great responsibility, long hours and again it becomes a monster in our life.

So what's the answer - My canned answer for everything - It's God!  If there's a question about a computer I ask did you re-boot? And if there is a question of what do I do about anything else I ask Did you Pray?  Because if you ask God,  and here is the really really big secret to everything in the universe - Are you ready - wanna take notes?  Did you do what God told you to do?  If you ask and if you listen, and if you do what God said - there is no failing, there is no monster. Because even when the puppy chews your shoes and even when the child slams the door and even when all else becomes a monster that you created - God is so wonderful - he'll show you the way out.  If you do it.

Have a blessed day! 

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