Friday, January 24, 2014

Little Things

There are so many little things, that I do everyday and on special days that have just become habit. And one day I stopped and pondered - why do you do that?  Like when I make a sandwich, I'm very particular about making sure the mustard, or Mayo is spread all the way to the very edge of the bread so the flavor is consistent.  Does anybody realize that or is it just a good sandwich. (hopefully) Another example is when I frost a cake, it has to be evenly frosted on all corners and the center.  Or how no matter how messy my desk is daily or weekly at the end of the week, I can't go home for my weekend until everything in my office is straightened and put away. Then there is my present wrapping.  I make sure the edges are folded under just right when I tape them. And the ribbon, while tying the bow is tucked just right, so the shiny side is facing out all the way around the loop.  And again I ask myself - why do you do that? Like the children at Christmas time pick up the package, look it over and admire the care that was put into making it look so pretty.  I don't think so!  :) They don't even know what color the wrap was let alone that the bow had to match the magenta swirl that went through it.  I'm laughing at myself now. :)

So as I pondered this and asked myself why do you do this, does anybody even notice that you pick this up, straighten this, spread this, match that? I heard God whisper I DO!  God sees! God sees everything.  All the time and care and thought that goes into these little things, that seemingly go unnoticed, are noticed. So what ever my reasons are for doing these things, I'm now going to look at them as doing things "the little things" unto the Lord.  Because now when I spread mustard on a sandwich or tie a bow on a present - I will know that God is watching and I will feel His presence.

God created us to do things with excellence and though I don't profess to be excellent in everything, I'm noticing that I am taking what I do more seriously. Not wanting to run through everything just to say I did it - but if I'm going to do something I want to do it with care and purpose.

So if you are out there and think what you do doesn't matter - you're wrong.  It matters to God.

Hope you all have a Blessed Day! 

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