Friday, December 12, 2008

Study With Me - Chapter 18

Hi I'm Back! I had to go to the dentist and then my youngest daughter stopped by with my 2yr old grandson so he and I had to play with the ball and eat crackers and make bubbles in the sink, and Mommy drifted off for a quick nap. Full time on swing shift, 2 youngsters and going to College part time catches up sometimes. :) Then we gently woke her up so she could go get big sister from pre-school.

Well in an effort to not let the devil rule me If I can't post two chapters during the week I will post two now, so with that being said I will start the next chapter. If you are trying to catch up chapter 17 is below.

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Chapter 18 - Wilderness Mentality #3
"Please make everything easy I can't take it if things is too hard"
I would guess that most of us have our limits and it is different for each of us how much we think we can handle. But God wants us to stretch ourselves so we can grow. He wants us to give it our all.
I heard a pastor say one time that for God to approve of the gift you were giving on His behalf, it needed to cost you to something. He gave the example of the widow giving her last two mites. She gave everything she had. We need to put our sweat, tears and heart into serving God. After all He did that for us and topped it off with His Son. Selah!
Someone came to me the other day and said he was sure he found a flaw in Gods word. (He said it half joking) I said oh whats that, he said "God said he wouldn't give you more than you could handle". God was so quick and so good I said it before I knew what came out of my mouth I said "Sounds like you're trying to handle everything on your own, instead of giving it to God, cause He can handle it all." I'd like to take credit but that was from God. :)
See nothing is to hard if we know when to put up, shut up and lift up, but not give up. Have any of you Mothers been in a hurry trying to get the children ready and you're running late and you are ever so gently speaking loudly to your children to get their socks and shoes on. When all the sudden they plop down on their butts on the floor start crying and say - But I can't do it! God shared that vision with me. That sometimes that's how He sees us - throwing our little fit. Meantime He could really use us to help him and we throw up our hands and say I can't. Ouch! Then next week we ask God, but why don't you ever use me? Hmm gee I'm not sure, I tried to by it was too hard. :) That principle is not limited to helping God it extends to every area of our lives. We we show ourselves worthy in one area, the we can move to another.
I was at a conference one time and I was really into the worship, I was singing and praising and praying - arms raised high. Tears were running down my face, not scrunched faced crying, just tender in the presence of God. My arms started aching, but I wanted to still be submissive to God and show Him I was surrendering to Him, so I said softly I'm still surrendering my arms just hurt. But before I could sing another word of the song, it was as if I heard an audible voice say in my spirit. "You don't have to put them back up but I stretched mine on a cross for you?" He wasn't trying to make me feel bad, just wanted me to think about how much we want, but how little we give. How easy we are to just give up. I put my arms back up. Not out of guilt or condemnation, but out of love and respect. When they first started to ache again, I told myself too bad I'm doing this for the Lord. Guess what, that was the last time I felt them.
Again our attitude will play a huge part of our success and failure in all that we do. Like the story above when I did it out of love, I had purposed to show Him honor. Had I been doing it to please the people around me or out of a feeling of obligation, it would have been easy to cave in.
Father help us to seek you when we feel weak. Show us that nothing is too hard when we lean on you. Remind us to use your word as our weapons to fight, when we are being bombarded and feel like giving up. We thank you and praise you for never never ever giving up on us, for never saying we were too hard of a task for you. Thank you! In Jesus Name. Amen
And remember when you don't feel like doing something - stop feeling yourself. :)
Be Blessed,

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