Friday, December 12, 2008

Study With Me - Chapter 17

Hi everyone,
Well it seems like ever since I said I wanted to post a couple chapters a week I have been busier than normal. However, I will not let the devil win this battle so I will be posting at least 2 maybe more chapters today and you can read and enjoy them at your own pace. :)

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Chapter 17 - Wilderness Mentality #2
"Someone do it for me I don't want to take the responsibility"
Well I don't care who you are at some point in all of our lives we have to choose whether or not to take responsibility for something or not. Sometimes we take it when we should, sometimes, we don't. Sometimes we take it when we shouldn't. Opps!
Now when something good, great or spectacular has happened, and the question is posed, "Who is the responsible party?" it's easy to draw a group of volunteers that want to take the responsibility. However when someone spills the milk, the beans, or there is a ill effect of any sort, the crowd tries very hard to fade into the wood work. Or perhaps we start the ever popular finger pointing contest. That seems to be a favorite past time that most all of us have partaken at least once in our life.
One of my favorite when I was younger, was to let everyone around me make the decisions, then if it didn't work, it wasn't my fault right? Wrong! I had my responsibility in the fact that I didn't stand up and make the decision that was right to begin with. Then to put icing on my little cake, I could play the martyr and victim card. Poor me look at what I've had to endure. Well God and I talked a lot and He agreed to grow me and make me strong, and I agreed I would take responsibility for my actions in every situation. Yes bad things have happened in my life, now what role did I play in allowing them to happen. Yes it hurts but it feels so good in the end.
Joyce often tells about a time when she was whining to God, "Why do other people get to do this or that and you won't let me?" God told her "Joyce you have asked me for a lot, do you want it or not?"
See God was showing her, with every blessing, comes a responsibility. And everything produces after its own kind. If we want a job, we need to work. If we want friends, we need to be a friend. If we want people to treat our children right, then we need to be kind to other peoples children.
Help us to see our part in everything. Show us how to accept our responsibility in everything we do. When we ask for things, help us to see what we will need to accomplish to have what we desire and the strength and determination to complete that which you give us. Father help us to be honest with you and ourselves. In Jesus Name, Amen
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debrah said...

Hey Lynn:

It has been almost a year when I shared with a friend (also named lynn(with and"e") so it's acutally lynne and I have a sister named lynn)anyway I told my friend lynne that the Lord showed me that I need to repent at a deeper level than I have ever done before...I would acknowledge my sin and repent(sometimes later rather than sooner)...but as the Lord dug deeper...I eventually get to the point of what about them...don't you see their part in they hurt me...why can't I defend even though I thought I repented the truth was (and is) that I did not and do not take full responsibility for my actions...some of it is misguided thinking that if I am wrong then that makes them right...I don't fully grasp that all parties could be you can see I still have a lot of work to be done in this area...great post...again I thank you so much for this study and your faithfulness to see it through.
In His Love,

JnL4God said...

Thank you for your support in doing the study. It's a blessing to see your comments as well as others, it's nice to learn from others revelations too.