Friday, November 21, 2008

Study with Me Part 3

Hi Everyone

We are doing a study using Joyce Meyers book "Battlefield of the Mind". Each chapter is unique so you can pick up at any time or go back and start in the beginning by clicking the button on my side bar which will take you to the intro of the study.

Part 3 - Intro to Chapter 16 - Wilderness Mentalities
We all have them - those mindsets that hold us back, the strongholds, the roots of bitterness, grumbling complaining fault finding. We are where we are, because of our attitudes along the way of our journey. It is okay to visit some places, or let some things visit us, but where we abide (make our home, our abode) is where we root ourselves. Is this the garden you meant to live in?
After I read this book the first time, I was driving to work one day thinking about the children of Israel. I got on my high horse and was telling God how silly they were to take so long and not appreciate Him. All of the sudden God spoke to me and said "Lynn - How old are you"? Gulp 40!
"How long did it take you so really seek this intimate relationship with me"? Ooops! I climbed off my horse real quick. :)
See we all have something that we allow to hold us back. (Notice I said "We Allow") We have a choice to stay in our pity pool or get out. I am not saying by any means it is easy, I know! No really I know. I wanted to blame everyone and everything for the mess I was in, but ultimately I had to take responsibility for my part in the decisions I had made in my life that got me to that point. Things come at us and things happen to us, but how we react to them is where the battle is won or lost.
I was raped twice when I was 15. I allowed that to condition a lot of my thinking about myself and about men and about relationships, even my relationship with God. (How could he let this happen) But to truly heal, I had to go back and accept my responsibility in the situation. Not that it was my fault ("NO means NO!") or that it was right for them to do that too me, but being in the wrong places was my responsibility and my wrong thinking after the attack, was my responsibility. See attitudes unresolved, fester like a sliver. They cause the area around them to swell and become oversensitive. Pretty soon they create a substance that looks and smells foul. And until we poked or snip 0r squeeze that area to remove that sliver - attitude -mindset - stronghold, it will continue to handicap that area of our life. Take a few moments to look at the parallels of a foot that has a sliver and the stages it goes through including limping, with an attitude that is not corrected in a certain area. Ponder that a moment. See how and attitude can change the course of your life. Pretty amazing and scary huh?
The rest of the book will examine 10 different "Wilderness Mentalities". As we read through Gods word and this book. Seek to lay down the "stinking thinking" that holds you in bondage.
Father God, Thank you so much for your inspiration in our lives, thank you for the courage you give each of us as we dig to be honest with ourselves about our shortcomings. Help us to see areas that we need to change and attitudes that are wrong. Hug us and let us feel your love and mercy so we are not tempted to beat ourselves up from our mistakes.
In Jesus Name,
Until next time,
Be Blessed!


Joanie Butler said...

This post resonates deep within my soul. I too was a rape victim at age 14 and again at age 26. As you said, I wanted to blame everyone, including God, but was not willing to take responsibility for my poor choices in allowing myself to be a place where this could happen. Those two events almost destroyed my relationship with God; but God (my two favorite words) swept in with His love and grace and met me at the point of my need. He has never condemed me and waited patiently for me to "get it together" and see just how much I really need Him in every part of my life! Praise Him!

I too am looking forward to reading through the Chronological Bible this next year. Have you gotten your copy yet? I did, and I admit I am cheating and have already been reading some in it. I will go back to day one on the first and start again with the group though.

Thanks for the post and for sharing your heart openly.

debrah said...