Monday, November 24, 2008

How do you like your eggs?

Life and the circumstances around you form who you are. Then one day you wake up or wise up and say hey is this who I really wanted to be? Or better yet is this who God wanted me to be. Well for most of us this happens a little at a time, because that's how God gives it to us. In little bits as He thinks we are ready.

One day I was watching the movie "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts, and there was this scene where Richard Grere was trying to get her to say what kind of eggs she liked. She couldn't tell him. See she had always just gone along with her boyfriends and what they liked. Well of course she was in denial at first but then one day she made all kinds of different styles of eggs and tried them to see which one she really liked. This really spoke to me. See I used to be such a people pleaser that I always just liked what others liked. When confronted with what I wanted with out taking others into consideration, it would stress me out. I always wanted to make the ones around me happy.

I find that a lot of people look up to movie stars and rock stars and sport stars. That is fine to a point. But God has shown me that he created each of us to have a special talent and function in this life. If we change ourselves to be other people we are slacking on the job God designed us for.

I used to struggle with these very simple questions. Where do you want to eat? What do you want to eat and How do you like your eggs? My answer generally would be, I don't know what do you want? See I thought I was being kind, which I was to a certain degree, however I was losing ME.

We are made in God's image, but what was His Image for me. There are times in our life we work so hard to impress others, but what about impressing God? God was showing me something one day He said "remember when you were a little Girl and had imaginary friends?" I said yes. He told me that "all that time you felt the presence of love around you, I was with you". He said "You have an imagination because I imagined you first".

When we grow and conquer things in our life, it is hard to imagine that we were different, but I do remember those indecisive days. It's nice now to say what I like and don't. It gives people around me a chance to like or dislike me, because now I'm a somebody not an everybody.
Step out and choose your eggs or whatever. It's okay to be you. God needs you to be who He created you to be.
Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Dare to be all God wants you to be!

I will post the next chapter of Study with Me tomorrow or Wednesday.
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From the Heart said...

Wow, you described me exactly. However, I am beginning to learn that it is okay to let others know I am different from them without hurting their feelings and it's okay if they are not like me. Great post. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Joanie Butler said...

Great post Lynn! I see so many young ladies struggling with this very thing. It saddens me to see so many that feel they don't even deserve to have their own independent thoughts. It seems that self-esteem in young girls is at an all-time low. I know that this is especially true for any who have known abuse of any kind. Keep writing the powerful messages that flow from your heart.

Karen said...

He said "You have an imagination because I imagined you first".

That's great Lynn! Being a people pleaser is a tendency with a lot of women especially. We were raised not to make waves, to support the household, to "be subject" to our husbands (though not always in the healthy way that God intends in His word). Remaining in His love allows us to learn to keep the "heart" of the people pleasing tendency without losing ourselves. It becomes "loving our neighbor" as we love ourselves. And that love grows as we allow the love that God has for us to set our meter for loving ourselves.

How great this study has been! Thank you for your perseverance to see us through it! You are a blessing and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!