Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes Unnoticed

Hi Everyone I'm home from St. Louis. I'm sure over the next few weeks I will have a lot to share on what was taught and what touched me personally. But to sum everything up in a short preview of what I will say... It was wonderfully awesome. But before I get into what was taught, I want to share a praise report.

The first day of the conference as we were walking from the parking lot to the entrance I noticed a lady in front of us that looked like my youngest daughter from the back side and mentioned that to my friend. So we get to the entrance and everyone is give a baggy with items including a necklace that holds our registration card and are told this is our entrance ticket for each session. It was actually fun because all over St. Louis you could see women with these necklaces and point at each other and say "Joyce Lady-Awesome isn't it?"

So before we actually sat down I saw this lady that I had seen earlier, again from behind, and thought to myself, what are the chances of that with thousands of women here.

The next day as we parked for the morning session and started to walk in, I saw that woman again from behind and was humored that I would see this same lady out of thousands. When we parked for the evening session we parked in a different lot that was closer and on the other side of the dome and just walked in, not giving a thought to the woman I had been noticing.

After the evening session and coming out of the parking lot from the other side of the Edward Jones Dome, I patiently weaved my way through women and traffic to find the Interstate. However in a unfamiliar city, one way streets and heavy traffic, and a "No Left Turn" sign, I am heading across the Mississippi River to the State of Illinois.

So I'm asking my friend which exit and we are both stalling and not sure, then all of the sudden I see tons of cars turning into a raceway and what looked like a gas station - Here's my sign. :)
I turn in and there are three cop cars and a bunch of people standing around, not a good time to ask a cop. So as I am looking for someone to ask I see a woman with a Joyce necklace. I tell my friend, there's a Joyce Lady we can ask her. I pull in front of the ladies truck that was parked, my friend jumps out to ask, and you guessed it, it was the lady I kept seeing from behind. She gave us perfect directions to get us back on track to get to our hotel.

God knows what we need before we do and perfect directions I'm convinced were from our perfect protector. Sometimes these things are gratefully received but there origin is unnoticed. I'm happy and proud to say I know it was ordered by the Lord.

Be Blessed,

PS. We never saw the lady the rest of the conference.


Sharon said...

Wowwwww, That is awesome!! So you got to go to Joyce Meyers conference, luckyyyy you!! She is here next month and I am going too. So very excited! I am sorry I haven't posted on the book, I have had so much going with our church, and we have been looking for a new church so been on line alot getting address and map directions, visiting and all that good stuff. I will catch up, you will see.
ENJOY and have fun!! who is doing the worship music there? Hope you are taking pictures.

R.L.Scovens said...

I wanted to go!LOL I've never been to Joyce's Women's Conference. It sounds like you were blessed! I got to volunteer this year here in Dallas and I'll never forget it!

From the Heart said...

Sometimes we entertain strangers unaware that they may be Angels from Heaven. What a wonderful experience you had. God provided someone to guide you. Praise God.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That would be a God-incidence (not a coincidence).

How precious to see His hand like that.