Sunday, September 28, 2008

More on Chapter 9

Hi Everyone,
Well I'm not sure if you are busy or waiting for me to post more. I am still having a hard time trying to decide what to post on this chapter. So I am going to start typing and see where it leads. :)

Father God help us discern you word, give us wisdom as we read and share your word.
In Jesus name Amen.

Well I'll start by telling you the funny that my Husband and I have when we know the other has drifted away while we are talking to each other. Years ago I came across a cartoon that had two frames. The 1st was a man scolding a dog and the caption stated "This is what we say to dogs: Ginger you were a very bad girl today and you need to go to your dog house right now Ginger, do you hear me?" The next frame stated "This is what dogs hear: Ginger Blah Blah, Ginger Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. So the funny with my husband is when we fess up or when we catch the other we say "I didn't catch that - You know, Ginger blah blah." :) It's our little way of nicely showing we drifted without accusing the other of not caring or hurting the others feeling for not paying attention.

I believe wondering and wandering is something that we all have to deal with in one way or another. I also think the wondering can often be the prerequisite to wandering if left unchecked. As you wonder about something your mind (and body) will wander over there. Staying focused and dedicated to the task at hand takes determination and hard work. Daydreaming can be innocent enough and yet not. We have been learning through this study that where the mind goes the man follows. Where we allow our mind to drift to, is where our flesh will eventually follow.

Take for example someone that is trying to diet or quit a bad habit. The more you let you mind think and wonder about what ever you are trying to quit, the more your flesh cries out for it. Your flesh has a louder voice than you may know. Controlling what we think about and where we allow our minds to drift to, is a big part of our success.

I heard someone else teach on this one time and they said that the wanted to break themselves of wondering and do what God wanted them to do. They started with one thing at a time. One of the things they did was to go to the closet and instead of saying "I wonder what I should wear today?" They went to the closet and said "God tell me what to wear today."

We know that wondering and wandering can be bad for us, lets see how many ideas we can come up with on helping each other to stay focused and on task.

I will be leaving early Thursday morning for Dallas Fort Worth TX and then St Louis Mo for the Joyce Meyer Women's Conference. I will try to post the first part of Chapter 10 before I go.

Be Blessed,


debrah said...

Hi All:
I haven't read chap. 9 yet...but I missed ya and wanted to drop by and say Hi...reading what Lynn had to say about chap. 9 let's me know this is a chapter that I am going to take very personally...I wander so far at time even I don't know where I've been...
Lynn I appreciated your sharing about ginger blah, blah, blah...
A few years ago I was with my best friend and she was talking about her favorite topic...(her latest battle with her latest -oh so wrong fer her man) anyway I have a tendency to go wandering when I have heard the same thing over and over...I believe I know where it's I shut off for awhile..well whenever I came back...I gave my usual response and she just smiled and said nice to have ya back - where have ya been??
sorry to go on and on...I probably could've read chap 9 by now...
In His LOve,

Karen said...

Hi all,

I read Chapter 9 and yes, my mind wanders a lot. I notice it wanders when I am having my quiet prayer time too, but I can pretty quickly decide that is the evil one wanting to distract me. I insert in my prayer a plea for God to keep my mind from wandering.

I also wander (like Debrah) when "I have heard the same thing over and over again." I used to "pretend listen" by making sympathetic sounds and nodding my head a lot. I decided that was really unfair to the person, so now when I find myself tempted to wander, I look the person straight in the eye. That way they can see when I am paying attention and when I begin to drift, and it keeps my focus on them.

Joyce also mentioned wandering during the sermon. Boy, can I relate to that! And where my mind goes... it's a shame! I look at people's choices in clothing, I plan meals for the week, I relive conversations I had with my husband or my friends and try to extract additional meaning... All very holy! :) Now I take notes on the bulletin. This also helps me to stay focused and provides for better retention of the points during the week. It also allows me to form questions I may want to look into further during my devotion time.

This was a good chapter for me. Welcome back Lynn! It sounds like your holiday was just what you needed! And safe travels to the conference!


Plant Lady said...

I've got to catch up on my reading!
I'm really behind since I have been away so much this past month.
I'm still with you though.

Plant Lady

debrah said...

hi all...well I read chap. 9 today...Yes my mind wanders quite a bit...I have been working on discipline while reading...deliberately focusing on each paragraph, each sentence, each for listening...I seem to hear and absorb more when I am not looking toward the speaker...and during sermons I find taking notes is very beneficial. Working on being in the moment is also a huge help...
Have a great week-end...