Friday, August 1, 2008

Study With Me - Roll Call

Well I don't who's getting more excited to start, some of you or me so I want to take a roll call on who's ready and see if we can get this going. YEAH!
Who wants to study? Who has the Book(s)? Are you ready to Start?
Go ahead and at least read the Introduction and do the Study guide pages for it. (If you haven't already :)! )
Leave a comment and let me know, so I know if you have your stuff and are ready. Once I've heard from the ones I already know want to do the study I'll do my first post. With the ones I know about, I think we are covering from Coast to Coast and Sea to shining Sea. If you want to put what State you are from on your comments you can, so others can see who's all here.
I haven't set up a "Mr. Linky" (partially because I don't know how) but I think we are small enough we can make comments here or if you want to post something on your blog you could. I am trying to let God guide this to see where we want to go with it. We may start one way and change to something else before we are done. The important thing is we are going to dig into Gods Word and have some good time of fellowship and friendship.
God Bless my Friends and talk to you soon.


debrah said...

Good Morning Lynn- I received my books yesterday...I did a "sneak" peak...and soon I will do the assignment of reading intro and the study guide chapter...I join you in keeping this study in prayer...
this is exciting- I am really looking forward to this study.
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

JnL4God said...

Thanks Debrah for your prayers, support and excitement. God sees the joy in your heart and the desire you have to draw cloer to Him. Also I left a comment on your blog about your post. Have a great day.

Karen said...

Hi Lynn, Debrah, and Salley,

I received my books last night and also took a sneak peak! I am ready. I will read the intro this weekend and I am looking forward to doing this with you all. Lynn, I know God is with you in this and through Him you will shine!

Thanks again Salley for everything! You are all in my prayers!

- Karen in CA

rusty'swife said...

I have my books and will also do the intro over the weekend, and be so ready to get this study started. One of the girls that I work with is also working on this study and is will be someone to maybe bounce stuff off of.

Father God,

Thank You, thank you for this opportunity to come together and dig into Your word. Father I ask that You give each one of us a desire to not only grow closer to You and to each other through this study, but to also be honest with ourselves, and open to the changes in each of us that You desire to make. Father, I ask that You pour out your Holy Spirit on Lynn as she leads this study. Father speak to each of us. Here we are Father, change us, grow us, take out the trash and pour Your Spirit in to each of us. Help us Father to hear You speak to us, and give us the strength and courage required to make changes in our live that are necessary to grow closer to You and to serve You. I ask these thing in Jesus holy name.



JnL4God said...

Thank you all so much for your willingness and your support. I also thank you for your prayers for me and this group.
Be Blessed,